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Sybis provides a unique solution to any facility looking to increase security, key control, and accountability within their organization.


Introducing the CyberLock Access Control Solutions

electronic locks without wiring

Industry We Serve




The Utility Industry is one of the major players in the infrastructure industry. There are many of the different types of utilities benefiting from CyberLocks, such as the water utilities, electric companies, and telecommunication industry. The vast placement of remote sites, particularly those with limited to no power, makes CyberLock a perfect fit to secure those critical remote sites.
Worship Center

While a worship center is considered a holy sanctuary, it does not mean that it is secure. In reality, we have seen worship centers that have experience loss. With CyberLocks, they are now able to secure their sanctuary. CyberLocks has been recognized as a low-profile solution that keeps things where they are.

Many types of buildings are used for different purposes. One building can excel in serving one area, while another may serve many. An example is the entertainment use of a building, such as theaters. Nowadays, theaters can be rented out for different purposes, such as office spaces. Having multiple tenants with multiple needs demand a high degree of access control. CyberLock helps manage them for you.

CyberLock benefits to the Education Industry is vast; from pre-school to major college, every stage in education still needs access control no matter how small or how big the area it covers. The vast number of locks exist in one school district may discourage the use of access control, but CyberLock makes it easier to swap out regular mechanical cylinder to be able to have controlled access to classrooms and many other areas.